Kneeler stones are the wedge-shaped stones placed at the outer edges of a masonry arch or pediment to support and bond the stones above them. Our name refers to the two founding directors, Robert Bienvenu and Penelope Mulholland, whilst underscoring the strong focus on design within our practice.

In the first decade of practice, KDA worked hard to establish and grow a sustainable business model. We focused on residential projects, developing a detailed understanding of town planning, VCAT and Building Code requirements. Most importantly, we learnt how to show leadership and how to observe and listen in order to respond to clients’ needs.

By our second decade, we moved our focus to public projects and began working with a broader client group. This allowed us to hone our skills on working with committees and multiple stakeholders, including the facilitation of client group workshops, management tools, public speaking and presenting. Quietly but surely, the practice grew, the business model strengthened and our capacity for teamwork developed, both internally and with external consultants.

Now on the cusp of our fourth decade, KDA has a solid basis on which to shoulder any new challenge. We provide expertise to a longstanding client base whilst engaging with new ones. Our principal focus remains on quality design, and our professional discipline remains first and foremost within the field of architecture. We continue to build on our longstanding experience and are confident in exploring new possibilities and taking on future challenges.