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APRIL 2014

What a fascinating year this is turning out to be. Whilst there is a lot less work around than usual, what is available is challenging & engaging. A sample of the variation in work includes:

  • We have a fascination with modular construction, this is, buildings built off site & delivered and slotted onto a site.

    In the past we devised a modular house with varying modular components & layouts. In featuring it on our website we received a number of enquiries. The shortfall came when potential clients wanted to purchase them. As we had not aligned ourselves with a construction company we were unable to deliver. To do so meant a full time job & a distraction from our daily work.

    Now we are constructing modular school projects following a very successful Early Learning Centre in Officer we created last year. Each project we are pushing the boundaries that bit more & the benefits to the school, minimal disruption on site & quick supply timelines is proving very beneficial.

  • I think our current Visual & Performing Arts project for Mentone Grammar is proving to be the most complex project we have undertaken. Not only is there a basement for an orchestra pit, 450 seats auditorium, music classrooms, rehersal, tute rooms, recording, general arts, fine arts, wood & metal technology there is also a feature student kitchen to service the building internally & to a street cafe externally. Overlaid is a myriad of passive heating, cooling & ventilation systems. All this is a "tough" town planning envelope & challenging budget.

  • Lastly we try not to boast about awards however we are thoroughly overjoyed Horsham Special School recently won the Best Educational Facility. Mr Dixon (minister Education) comment "The best school I've open", left all speechless. The school quite simply are most deserving & we wish them well in their new environment.

    Seperately Mentone Grammar was awarded commendation for the interior & exterior learning spaces of the recently completed Greenways project, housing Year 9 students. The challenge in this project was retaining the old school auditorium complete with structural faults & a dark interior & transforming it into a light filled, joyful space for Year 9 students to florish.

  • All in all times are challenging & we feel we are using our project opportunities to the best of our ability. This was recently highlighted at Yarrawonga with a small maintenance project to an appalling white ant ridden science block of a LTC. Not only did we address the many structural faults we were able to re-dress the learning spaces as a modern science centre and were left with $4 over at the end of the job. Well worth celebrating with a box of chocolate!