Yarrawonga College

Yarrawonga College is a Prep to Year 12 regional state school located in the township of Yarrawonga in northeast Victoria, 265 kilometres from Melbourne, and is attended by students from the Yarrawonga township as well as the outlying rural areas. The school’s design, with its simple gabled forms and fluidly connected interiors, references the surrounding farmhouse vernacular whilst spatially expressing the motif of the Murray river flowing through the township.

The linear configuration of the learning communities and administration buildings provides the school with a strong visual presence towards the street. The main gabled building is orientated in an east-west direction, whilst three smaller gabled volumes branch off the main building along the north-south axis, forming distinctive entrances to the studios that lead into the learning hubs, multipurpose space and music room. Within these hubs, students have the ability to work and learn in groups as well as individually in quiet spaces. Reflecting the river motif, the interior spaces ebb and flow into each other and to outdoor learning spaces, playground areas and an amphitheatre, allowing for the confluence of the school and the surrounding community during assemblies and performance events.