Sacred Heart Guest Accommodation, East Trentham

Tradition and relaxation intertwine in the resurrected Sacred Heart Church, located in the suburb of East Trentham, just northwest of Melbourne. Built by Irish settlers in the 1890’s, the existing church has been transformed into a retreat where groups of people can unwind, get away, and devote time for respite.

In order for the building to maintain its historical significance, preservation of many of the original features took priority during the design process. The former worship space is converted into a generous open-plan living space with a fully-equipped kitchen. The living space contains several intimate areas, such as the fireside lounge, conversation pod, and recreational area with pool table that leads out onto a generous outdoor deck and BBQ area, with views overlooking the surrounding farmland. The accommodation sleeps up to 10 people at one end of the church, with a mezzanine above, as well as a master bedroom with ensuite below a striking gothic ceiling.

The overall outcome is a place of tranquillity, quiet, and warmth, encapsulated in a space where historical ideals and modern comforts meet.