Morwell Performing Arts Centre

Forming part of the Morwell School’s Regeneration Project, the Performing Arts Centre is located on MacDonald street, the former site of the Morwell Secondary School. This facility, funded by the Commonwealth Government (BER), has been designed to give the local Primary School children an opportunity to be taught in all disciplines of art. Special purpose-built classrooms and individual tuition rooms allow the Arts Centre the ability to provide all needs necessary for music, drama and dance. Importantly, the students will be able to showcase their artistic skills in the auditorium seating 300 people. Externally, the Arts Centre resembles a geode, an unassuming grey volume split apart to reveal a bright sliver of orange that signals the entrance cafĂ© and represents the raw creative potential within the students waiting to be unearthed. Eye-popping bolts of colour flash through the building interiors, energising the spaces and the students inside.