Henderson College Technology Building

Situated in the township of lrymple in rural Mildura, the technology building at Henderson College is the most recent addition to the school, one of several projects over the past few years. The scope of this stage involves a new wood workshop, metal workshop, robotics studio, visual arts studio and a foyer-gallery to display student work.

The building, characterised by a boomerang-shaped plan and curved walls, embraces an inner courtyard for student gatherings and activities. Upon entering the building, you are welcomed into an interior where the walls are lined with plywood, soft colours and a curving shape; delicately inviting the users in. The metal workshop is enlivened by workbenches in a striking cobalt blue finish. The exterior of the building is made up of a combination of brickwork and metal cladding, which compliments the existing school fabric. The building works were undertaken by local construction firm CPM, who delivered excellent workmanship.