Echuca Twin Rivers School

The Echuca Twin Rivers School completes Stage 1 of the merger of two existing primary schools—Echuca South and Echuca West—with Echuca Specialist School on a new site west of the Murray Valley Highway. The Y1-2 and Y3-4 Buildings that make up Stage 1 were completed in 2018, whilst Stage 2, which encompasses the Y5-6 Building, Specialist School, Gym and Manual Activities Building is currently under construction.

The design takes inspiration from the plains-wanderer, a critically endangered bird native to the region. Like the unassuming ground bird, the modestly scaled, low-slung forms blend into the rural landscape, and the material palette of variegated coloured brick and metal cladding references its mottled plumage. In plan, the buildings take the shape of outstretched wings that define enclosed courtyards and sheltered outdoor learning spaces. Internally, the buildings feature an interplay of lofty gathering spaces and intimate learning studios and withdrawal spaces that are enlivened with splashes of vibrant colour, enabling the school to spatially cater to students with diverse learning needs and promote active investigation, inquiry, social interaction and collaboration.